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Brazeway, Inc.

Brazeway, Inc.

Adrian, Michigan

Brazeway is a worldwide leader of extrusion products and refrigeration components for customers in the heat transfer, automotive, appliance and commercial refrigeration industries. Whether it's extruded aluminum tubing or frost-free evaporators, we can assure consistent quality, and consolidated supply from facilities located throughout the world.

In 1946, two men had a vision - a vision that aluminum extruded tubing could be used in refrigeration systems. Charlie Hickman and Al Goldsmith were both in plant management positions at Bohn Aluminum and Brass in Adrian Michigan. At this time, drawn tubing was required, in order to produce tubing with tolerances that were satisfactory for fabrication. But Charlie and Al were convinced that they could develop the technology to allow extruded tubing to be produced at tight tolerances, eliminating the draw processing and substantially reducing costs. Their employer, however, did not support their position.

So Charlie and Al went out on their own. They began as engineering consultants, and two years later founded Brazeway. After moving into a plant down the street from their prior employer, they began manufacturing brazed serpentine and sheet evaporators for General Electric, using their newly developed process called "stretchforming." A process that would later become an industry standard.

To better control the quality and cost of the products they used, Brazeway purchased their first extrusion press, utilizing the technology they had developed to control tolerances. Brazeway was the first to use extruded tubing in refrigeration systems.

Charlie and Al's commitment to innovation and dedication to finding better solutions had become the hallmark of their company.

That was then...

In the last few years alone, Brazeway has developed evaporator coils that have improved efficiency by 50% and cut the cost in half. We entered the commercial refrigeration market supplying the first "modular" evaporator coils, teaming with our customer to revolutionize the display case market. We became a globally preferred source for coated micro-multiport tubing, and we've tripled our efficiencies in extrusion production.

We're now the world's largest producer of aluminum evaporator coils for household refrigeration and a major global supplier of small diameter, thin wall tubing - produced at very tight tolerances.

All based on a philosophy held firm for over half a century -- offer innovative products at competitive prices. A goal we continue to achieve by treating customers as an integral part of our team, and offering constant improvement at all levels of the relationship.

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