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City of Greenville
City of Greenville

Job Location: Greenville, SC
Job Type: Full Time
Department: PUBLIC WORKS

$38,396.80 - $57,595.20 Annually



Job Type

Full Time



Job Number



3/30/2018 11:59 PM Eastern

Job Description

Brief Description of the Job: Inspect site development projects (site Grading Permits), encroachment permit work, stormwater management facilities and other public infrastructure construction to ensure compliance with plans, specs, standards, Ordinances, and Federal, State, and Local laws. Input inspection reports into CityWorks. Monitor violations and schedule follow-up inspections. Approve/reject encroachment permit applications. Review Event Permits and verify no encroachment conflicts exist. Act as liaison to utilities and utility installation contractors. Inspect pavement and sidewalk management capital projects for compliance and monitor performance as well as document quantities/work performed to prevent budget overruns. Verify adherence to MUTCD standards relating to traffic control as well as general rules relating to construction safety. Issue citations for Ordinance violations and stop work orders for working without approved permits. Investigate citizen complaints, compile reports and perform follow-up if needed to verify problems have been solved. Perform other duties as required or needed. Inspect work site to ensure compliance with approved plans. Review all third party inspection in projects with SWPP plans. Verify accuracy of third party reports, verify corrections to problems have been made. Issue citations or stop work orders should any discrepancy be found in third party inspections or failures to made required corrections with timeline allotted. Inspect all sites for compliance to correct BMP`s installation for S/EC mitigation features. Inspect all SWM facilities being built for compliance to approved plans. Verify all stormwater storage facilities are complete, functional and have been certified by the designer before the site is released to obtain a CO. Inspect sanitary sewer construction for compliance with approved plans and adherence to the SCDHEC issued PTC. Perform quality testing on all sewer main installations to document quality construction. Provide written testing results to be scanned into the project file within CityWorks software. Document passing testing results and verify accuracy of the as-built drawings. Verify Engineering has all required documentation before the site has received a SCDHEC PTO. Enter inspection reports on all site visits into CityWorks software. Create child work orders to schedule follow-up inspections. Log, review, approve, or reject encroachment permit applications utilizing CityWorks software. Assess permit fees based on disturbed area. Perform investigations of cut failures, research prior permits issued to ascertain responsible part, contact permittee, coordinate repairs and inspect final product for acceptance. Inspect stormwater management facilities yearly to ensure all are in good repair and working order. Input all SWM inspection report into CityWorks software. Create child work orders for facilities in violation and send violation notices to property owners. Re-inspect facilities to ensure repair work was completed. Inspect, document, and track costs of pavement and sidewalk rehabilitation capital contracts. Receive complaints from citizens, management, or other staff and act on them by investigating the issue, researching any and all data sources, preparing a formal response and providing follow-up, inspection or enforcement if needed. Look for contractors, utilities and/or citizens performing work in ROW, verify valid permit exist for work, inspect general safety of the site and verify correct MUTCD compliant traffic control provisions are in place. Schedule and conduct job site meetings with developers, contractors, subcontractors, utility companies, utility contractors, citizens, City staff, etc. as needed to explain problems, find solutions and implement corrections. Conduct follow-up inspections as needed. Any and all other duties as needed and/or assigned by Engineering or Construction Inspection.

Job Duties

Essential Functions: Site Development Inspection (35%): Review approved site improvement permit/drawings. Input project in CityWorks. Verify S/EC features are correct. Create project contact listing. Perform periodic site inspections and document all aspects of construction activity in daily inspection report as entered into CityWorks software. Provide written violation notices with specific correction time frames established. Provide input, details, and explanations to contractors especially as it relates to construction of site features within City ROW (street tie-ins.) Verify all site facilities, including street connections, are compliant with Federal ADA requirements prior to issuing TCO. Verify SWM facility is built per plans/has certification. Verify parking and H/C spaces are built per the approved plan prior to issuing a TCO. Issue Stop Work Orders for anyone working without a permit and citations (mun. ct. summons) for flagrant violations of site development ord. Inspect project documents, verify all required test reports, approval and other documents are part of the CityWorks files before closing project.

Encroachment Permit Administration (30%): Review all encroachment permit applications. Assess fee for approved permits. Enter approved applications in CityWorks. Inspect permitted work in the ROW. Verify work complies with approved permit and permit fee is correct (based on work completed.) Perform follow-up inspections as needed and/or call permittee to correct installation problems. Establish and perform time based follow-up inspections of prior permits, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 years out from completion. Meet with developers, engineers, contractors, and owners concerning future encroachment permit work. Act as liaison to developers, contractors, utilities, owners, and engineers with regards to implementation of encroachment permit rules. Issue Stop Work Orders for anyone working in the ROW without a permit. Issue citations (municipal court summons) for anyone flagrantly violating encroachment permit or ROW management Ordinances.

Public Infrastructure Inspection (15%): Review approved public infrastructure construction drawings. Verify all details specs, etc. comply with City standards and construction criteria. Perform periodic project inspections and document all aspects of construction activity in daily inspection reports/logs. Verify components built, measure individual pay items and document progress of payable work daily, weekly, and monthly. Review monthly payment requests, verify correct quantities, before certifying application for processing. Perform all required quality and performance testing. Provide written reports as documentation, and scan testing documents into CityWorks. Review all as built drawings, documents, and submissions before giving the Project Manager the closed out project file. Verify all project testing and documentation has been scanned into CityWorks. Verify final quantities, provide documentation for change orders to Project Manager and assist PM in the final contract/project close out process.

Stormwater Management Facility Annual Inspection (10%): Work closely with GIS to verify all SWM facility locations are accurate and perform annual inspections on every facility. Prepare an inspection report for each SWM facility inspection in CityWorks. Make a child work order for all sites with violations. Verify a re-inspection date has been set. Verify the violation notification letter is printed and mailed. Perform follow-up inspections for violations. Document status and re-start the process if all items are not correct. Verify all new construction projects, when complete, have SWM certifications scanned/attached to their SWM master file. Verify SWM certifications are valid and on file before releasing any project for issuance of a CO. Perform research, investigation, and analysis on all property annexed into The City to verify whether they have SWM facilities. Verify all data discovered for SWM basins on annexed property has been entered into the properties SWM master file/data.

Complaint/Question/Work Investigation, Ordinance Enforcement, and Administrative Enforcement (5%): Investigate citizen, staff complaints. Provide verbal and written reports. Coordinate correction and verify solution. Investigate incidents of working without permits. Research potential responsible parties. Recommend action/response. Provide research and reports regarding encroachment permit activities, including recommendations for fees and/or new permits. Track revenue from the various types of encroachment permits and recommend modifications to permit procedure or fees. Analyze permit trends and recommend Ordinance revisions to address any permitting issues or inequities. Issue, as instructed, Stop Work Orders for any problem, issue or project as instructed by Engineering or Construction Inspection. Issue, as instructed, a citation/ticket (summons for mun. ct.) for any issue, problem or project as instructed by Engineering or Construction Inspection. Attend, when requested, the GAUCC monthly meetings. If needed, present information or reports to the Committee.

Other Duties as Required (5%): Perform any investigation, research, analysis or report as required by Engineering or Construction Inspection. Cross-training in other types of inspection duties/tasks to be utilized as fill in replacement as needed. Train new hires in the usage of City computer equipment and software, as required. Instruct, familiarize, train, assist, aid, or help other inspectors and new hires as needed or as assigned.

Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Physical Demands
Overall Strength Demands: Light strength demands include exerting up to 20 pounds occasionally, 10 pounds frequently, or negligible amounts constantly AND/OR walking or standing to a significant degree.

Physical Demands: Continuously requires vision, hearing, and talking. Frequently requires standing, walking, handling, and foot controls. Occasionally requires fine dexterity, carrying, sitting, climbing, and twisting. Rarely requires lifting, reaching, kneeling, crawling, pushing/pulling, balancing, bending, and crouching.

Machines, Tools, Equipment, and Work Aids: Calculator, telephone, level, smart level, site level, measuring wheel, tape measure, and temperature gauges, etc.

Computer Equipment and Software: Computer, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, fax, Word, Excel, Access, Office, Adobe, PERTS, CityWorks, and MapIt.

Working Conditions
Overall Working Conditions: Disagreeable: Frequent exposure to unpleasant environmental conditions and/or hazards.

Environmental Factors: Daily exposure to physical hazards. Weekly exposure to extreme temperature, respiratory hazards, and noise and vibration. Monthly exposure to wetness and/or humidity.

Health and Safety: Constant exposure to mechanical hazards. Frequent exposure to electrical hazards. Occasional exposure to electrical hazards, explosives, and communicable diseases. Rare exposure to chemical hazards, fire hazards, and physical danger or abuse (traffic hazards).

Primary Work Location: Outdoors (site, utility, street construction projects).

Protective Equipment Required: Hard hat, steel toe shoes, safety glasses, hearing protection, and safety vest.

Non-Physical Demands
Frequently requires working closely with others as part of a team and noisy/distracting environment. Occasionally requires time pressures, emergency situations, frequent change of tasks, performing multiple tasks simultaneously, and tedious or exacting work. Rarely requires irregular schedule/overtime.


Job Requirements Formal Education: Two year Associate`s degree or equivalent in Civil Engineering Technology is required.

Experience: Over two years of experience in Construction Inspection of Civil public infrastructure projects such as drainage, waste water, safety, parks, pavement/utilities, Transportation Services, or related fields is required.

Driver`s License Required: Class D South Carolina license.

Certifications and Other Requirements: Work Zone Traffic Control Supervisor and Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Inspector.

How To Apply:
Please fill out our Online Application by clicking the Apply button below:

Our office hours are 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday - Friday.

The City of Greenville will provide reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified individuals. The City of Greenville does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability status or age in employment or provision of services.
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