Chemical Mix & Reclamation Maintenance Operator
MarathonNorco Aerospace, Inc.
MarathonNorco Aerospace, Inc.
Job Location: Waco, Texas
Job Type: Chemical Mix & Reclamation Maintenance Operator
Department: Plaque Processing
Facility: Manufacturing Plant
Shift: 3rd
Hours: 10:00 pm - 6:30 am
FLSA Status: Hourly

Understand and perform proficiently the operation of chemical mixing, waste treatment, water regeneration, storage of chemicals and related operations.  Monitor, test, record, and adjust chemical mix as required by supervision, engineering, or process specifications, using equipment as specified in processing, test, and/or operating specifications.


Perform preventive maintenance on chemical mixing, waste treatment and water regeneration equipment.  Perform minor mechanical repairs to plaque production equipment.  Perform adjustment to equipment as necessary.  Inspects, tests, lubricates, and maintains documentation that relates to preventive maintenance and/or safety inspections.  Perform other miscellaneous duties related to, but not limited to, the chemical mixing and reclamation, i.e., transferring chemicals and movement of chemical containers.


Responsible for nickel powder and PBE active material powder blending, gel, and preparation of slurry mix for manufacture of either electrode strip or sintered plaque strip, in accordance with production process and test specifications.  Complete and maintain operational records, including mathematical charting, i.e., SPC, for production and quality purposes.


Assist Plaque Process Operator and/or Utility Operator as necessary, in the set-up, start-up, back-up operation, and shut-down operations, according to instructions, the variety of machinery or equipment within the Plaque Process Department for manufacture of processed plaque.  Set-ups and adjustments on all machines will be made in accordance with engineering specifications, data charts, etc.; move and handle materials to and from machines, load and unload materials on machines.


Keep facilities, materials and work area clean and orderly, exercising care in their maintenance as required.  Maintain safety, quality, and production standards.


3 to 5 years applied experience working as a maintenance technician and/or production operator in a manufacturing environment.  Possesses the ability to lift heavy equipment/tools and climb onto machinery, ladders, and other related equipment.  Operates forklifts and aerial lifts as needed.  Direct others (relief operator) in chemical mix and reclamation operations.  Knowledge of chemicals, use of PH scales, and basic computer skills to run programs (i.e. HMI, etc.).  Ability to handle nickel slurry drums, chemical drums and containers, and perform other equipment operation duties in the Plaque Process Department.  Also requires the ability to wear a respirator, which includes passing the Respirator Fit Test and adhering to the facility’s Facial Hair Policy while wearing a respirator. 

Must properly maintain liquid waste, reclamation, operational and mathematical record keeping.


Not limited to, but including, all equipment specified in waste treatment, water regeneration, plaque process, test, and operating specifications, as well as safety and related equipment as designated by supervision or engineering.  Operator must have knowledge of PH scale and basic computer knowledge (HMI, etc.).  Load and unload strip rolls (360 lbs.) and I&S baskets (55-60 lbs. each) onto machines, handle slurry drums, and perform eqipment operation duties such as change out of coining die in presses (some dies weight in excess of 450 lbs.)  Dies must be loaded and unloaded from carts, as well as pushed and pulled around with a rope during installation into press.

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Fax: 254-741-9363

MarathonNorco Aerospace, Inc.
P.O. Box 8233
8301 Imperial Dr.
Waco, Texas 76714



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