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Topaz Publications Inc., Thomas P. Burke CEO: "I was very impressed with the number of qualified candidates who responded to our job posting. We filled the open position and have a substantial reserve of other prospects for the next open position." (12/08)

CMS Publishing, Renae: "We have filled the Lead graphic designer position we have on our company job listings. This job listing can be removed at any point now. We were extremely pleased in how quickly this job offering was filled thru resumes received via your job board."

UPN/FOX Kansas, Tom Gateway, Job Recruitment: "NationJob is one of the top referring sources for our job applicants. Four of the 10 finalists for our most recent open position were from NationJob, including the hire."

KimWeb, Inc., Kim Morton: "I just wanted to write a thank you to and for your assistance in helping a client of mine fill a job position. In October I posted two positions, one for graphic artist and the other for web designer for my client, P. Allen Smith Gardens. One of the two positions was filled within one month by an applicant who said he saw the listing on I am sure I will use your service again."

Spectra Logic Corp., Troy Bettinger, Chief Talent Scout: "In 6 months, we've hired three great people who found us on the NationJob/Boulder Chamber web site. One was a hard-to-find engineer, one in sales, and the last is a web graphic artist. Plus, our account rep Stephanie does a great job keeping our page fresh. This is an easy way to get broad exposure."

Stuart-Martin County Chamber of Commerce, Ken Ferguson: "Please remove the ad for a part-time Advertising Sales position at the Chamber. We filled the position, another testimony that NationJob works."

The Business Monthly, Becky Mangus, Publisher: "Dear Anne and Kim, I wanted to write to let you know how pleased we are with HowardJobsOnline ( We received nine applications for our designer position with all of them qualified and worthy of an interview and consideration.

The applicant we selected for the position came to us through HowardJobsOnline and I know we would have had a much more difficult time through other channels. As it was a critical position to fill, we are pleased that our down time was cut to a minimum.

In addition, for a small company such as ours, the cost was exceptional. One ad in the Sun would have cost that amount and we didn't have the sifting through of applicants that that route so often requires. We are hoping our other vacant position -- a sales associate -- finds the same success. Thank you"

Val-Pak, Shannon Koshiol: "Thank you for the great response that your Internet job posting gave us! We are finishing our hiring process and will no longer need our position posted."

Renee Baribeau: "I found a job located six miles from my door step through your service as a catering/sales manager for KSL Desert Resorts. Thanks! Without you, I might have missed my next opportunity."

Ben Dupre: "I am a technical writer employed with a manufacturing firm in central California. My wife and I, after the birth of our daughter, decided that the best area of the country to raise her would be in the Midwest. We decided to relocate, but I needed to find a job before we could go. I signed up for P.J. Scout, and by the next week I had over twenty listings from Midwestern companies hiring technical writers delivered to me by e-mail. I continued to get new listings every week, sent out my resumes, and before I knew it I was flying all over the Midwest for interviews. I actually turned down several good offers, because I knew that the perfect job was out there. NationJob gave me that confidence. I finally accepted an offer of employment from Sauer Sundstrand in Ames, Iowa. I would like to thank NationJob Network for helping me secure the perfect job, in the perfect location, working for the perfect company. The service worked so well for me that before leaving my current position, I posted it with NationJob I am sure that my current employer will have a qualified replacement for me in short order."

Allison Elliott: "I'm working at Anderson Communications Group on Hilton Head Island, SC. My position is that of Production Associate, though a more apt title would be "advertising apprentice." I actually applied to the agency for a more senior position listed on your service, but once my resume went in the stack I was called into interview for my current job, which was more appropriate for this first phase of my career. I found your service to be immensely helpful, and the job and company profiles to be informative and useful. I especially appreciated that the actual address of the company and HR contact person was listed, so I could send a paper resume and direct my cover letter to the HR chief. Using other Web sites I found myself emailing my resume with a short introductory note, without knowing the name of the person receiving it -- or sometimes even the name of the company! In my job search I never saw replies from emailed resumes. You also provided information including the company Web site and a description of the work environment, both of which helped me do my homework to prepare for my interview. I think the highlighted communities are great. I found your site through a link from the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce. I was geographically targeting my job search to selected cities, and appreciated being able to quickly view all jobs in the HHI area. Classmates from my graduating class were impressed I found a job so quickly in this economy, and could hardly believe I found a quality position on a Web site. That's about all there is to tell about my job search which, fortunately, has come to a happy ending for now."

Debra Pate: "Thank you very much, I found a great new job through (your site). I live in Sherwood, AR. My new job title is Account Executive (with the prospect of being promoted to Assistant Vice-President within a few months) The company I'll be going to work for is Stone & Ward, in Little Rock, AR. I actually found five good possibilities from your web site I scored interviews with 4 of the companies and was offered a job by 2. Your web site provides a terrific service. I have and will continue to recommend it. Thank you very much for your help!"

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