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Quotes from satisfied NationJob customers in the Wichita, KS area.

Catholic Charities, Chelsea Powell:  "NationJob has been wonderful to work with, they are quick and responsive when getting my ads placed and they have defiantly been instrumental in helping my agency attract top talent." (09/10)

Hinman & Associates, LLC., Wendy Pollman, PHR:  "Please remove this posting... the position has been filled with a nationsjob candidate.  Thanks again!" (9/10)

The Research Partnership, Inc., Hannah Penner:
"We have had great success with our job posting on NationJob! We are fully staffed now, and would like to remove that listing. (7/09)

Kansas Geological Society, Rebecca Radford:
"NJ worked really really well for us! We got a ton of applicants, we will definitely use it again."

CMS Publishing, Renae: "We have filled the Lead graphic designer position we have on our company job listings. This job listing can be removed at any point now. We were extremely pleased in how quickly this job offering was filled thru resumes received via your job board."

UPN/FOX Kansas, Tom Gateway, Job Recruitment: "NationJob is one of the top referring sources for our job applicants. Four of the 10 finalists for our most recent open position were from NationJob, including the hire.", Tonya Hudson: "NationJob has been an extremely valuable tool in recruiting new staff members. We now use NationJob almost exclusively. Thank you for the superior customer service and prompt attention we always receive."

B & S Aircraft Parts & Accessories, Inc., Mike James: "Individuals responding to our NationJob ad for an aircraft accessory repair person were better qualified than respondents to our newspaper ads. Of the two individuals selected, one responded directly to our posting, and the other was considering the position when his wife spotted our company on the net. Our advertising on NJN indicated to our applicant that our company is progressive."

Berry Companies, Judy Worrell: "The first position we listed was one we were having difficulty finding ANY applicants for, let alone qualified applicants. Within weeks of putting the position on NationJob we interviewed and hired a person responding through (the service)."

Client Growth Specialists, Inc., George Mancuso: "Just wanted to let you know that The NationJob program has provided us with many excellent candidates for our client job searches. Keep up the tremendous work! On behalf of my entire team we really appreciate the sincerity and dedication that the NationJob team provides."

The Coleman Company, Kim Johnson: "We hired a great production supervisor who sent his resume in through NationJob."

The Coleman Company, Inc. Renee M. Headrick: "We've been very pleased with NationJob. In 2000, we filled seven postions through the NationJob Network. Three of those jobs were for exempt positions including one director position. We saved several thousand dollars in agency fees on that one hire alone! NationJob has definitely paid for itself and contributed to lowering our cost per hire."

The Coleman Company, Inc. Renee M. Headrick: "We have saved thousands of dollars on advertising over the years because of NationJob. It's a great source for local candidates as well as non-local."

Farm Credit Bank, Beth Oliphant: "We have filled our Manager - Bank Reporting and Investment/Debt Accounting opening. She did find the job on!"

HG Design Inc., Joan Phillips, President: "We were extremely pleased with the results from our job posting on Wichita NationJob for a graphic designer. We received responses from as far away as Argentina, Egypt and Europe, as well as throughout the U.S. From a pool of good applicants, we decided upon a well-qualified designer from a neighboring state with an impressive advertising agency pedigree. Wichita NationJob works...and works well!"

HG Design In., Joan Phillips, President: "Wichita NationJob was the only source we used in our search to fill two new positions in our agency. Within days we had received an impressive number of responses from well-qualified applicants as far away as Argentina, Egypt and Europe, as well as throughout the U.S. In fact, one of our new employees is from Canada. Wichita NationJob works...and works well!"

Horizon Specialty Hospital, Lonna Block: "We now have an offer out to a Physical Therapist we found through NationJob. If the offer is accepted, the savings from just this one placement will be phenomenal!"

Hyatt Regency, Jeff Bouck: "Please cancel the Senior Sales Manager listing on the network. It has been filled...and filled with a candidate who responded because of the listing. Thank you for helping us again."

Kent Audio Visual, DeDe Eudy: "I highly recommend NationJob if you are looking for employees. I posted a listing and received numerous responses the same day. I found the employee I was looking for within the week.
Thank you so much NationJob!"

Koch Industries, Kristy Smith: "It's April 3rd, and already we've had four new hires since January. Two have been local, two out of state, all four in different departments, but all of the applicants came from NationJob."

Metal-Fab, Inc., Dan Hamel: "We filled a Design Engineer position...a successful hire from a NationJob listing--THANK YOU!!!"

Pepsico, Inc., Kristin Snyder: "We have recruiters all over the country looking for C.P.A.'s, but through NationJob we found one right here locally and landed her right away! NationJob has also been great for customer service and I.T. positions, and we're recommending it to other PepsiCo locations."

Perfekta, Inc., Amy Guerra: "We've hired three people--two in the management level.", Pat Calvert: "NationJob is a key part of our recruiting strategy. It is one of the places we have to advertise to bring in the kind of employees we require."

Solomon Smith Barney, Patrick Garboden: "Patrick Garboden needed a new employee. Wichita NationJob Network came to the rescue. Garboden, manager of the Solomon Smith Barney office in Wichita, hired Barbara Martin as the result of a job listing he placed on NationJob. Martin saw it and sent a resume... from Germany."

"They (the Martins) would never have picked Wichita if it weren't for the Wichita NationJob Network. They were focusing on Texas because Barbara worked for a company in Texas that has a large number of retail stores in Europe. They made the decision to come here because Tom's job prospects were also good here."

Sunflower Welcoming Service, William Nelson: "We now use NationJob almost exclusively to get employees."

Symbios Logic, Inc., Sandra Hickman: "Thank you so much for the success we are having. We have made three hires through NationJob in the engineering area--a very competitive field."

William Lawrence Associates, Damon Coons: "We've had wonderful response through NationJob. An ad for a restaurant C.E.O. attracted great candidates from all over--especially Atlanta and Texas--and we're almost certain to make the placement from that pool."
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