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Joel Heckart, President, PCS Technical Services, Inc.:  "“We started using NationJobs a little over a year ago and have been very impressed with its ability to draw quality candidates for us. So often, posted jobs simply generate a ton of activity with little to no results. NationJobs isn’t like that. We get a solid and manageable level of activity and the candidates are good fits for the positions for which they are applying. We’ve gotten many great hires as a result of NationJobs and it’s well worth the money. Here in March 2017 we were very excited to get a $70,000 direct placement. The fee generated will be several times the cost of NationJobs. Great ROI! We’re very pleased and have already renewed once and I see no reason we wouldn’t continue to renew.”(03/2017)

ADP, Caroline Molteni: "We use NationJob as well as a couple of other major sites on the Internet to recruit experienced sales representatives for major account sales. By far the best quality resumes come from NationJob--and they are very easy to use."

Ascent, Mary Nissen: "I thought you would be interested to know that NationJob reaches even into the high school level applicants. We had a response to the tech support intern posting from California from a young high school junior who was moving into the Dayton, Ohio region. I contacted him and arranged for him to get in touch when he got here. 6 weeks later he was on-board working for us as an intern. Great job, NationJob!"

ATR Wire & Cable Co.,Inc., Audie Baxter: "We posted positions for IS Programmers and Process Engineers, were very pleased with the BIG response of qualified candidates. It was easy to set up, got online quickly, and met all of our Internet needs. We will use the service again and recommend it to others."

Cytec Fiberite, Inc., Cheryl Jennings: "We received 50-60 responses and hired a process engineer from a $75 listing!"

BarcoView, Inc, Margie Raimer: "We have tried other companies that cost more, but continue to get the best quality response from NationJob."

DataBank Corp., Wayne Ivey: "I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy I am with NationJob Network. I recently posted a few new jobs with you and the response has been excellent! In fact, we filled 2 of those positions with candidates that we received through you in the 1st 2 weeks of posting the jobs and have continued to receive inquiries from other well qualified people. Also, I have found NJN's responsiveness in be very helpful. Needless to say, I am a very satisfied customer and whole-heartedly recommend your service. Keep up the good work and thanks!"

General Reinsurance, Stacy Berlow: "We hired an entry-level COBOL programmer through the service."

HG Design Inc., Joan Phillips, President: "We were extremely pleased with the results from our job posting on Wichita NationJob for a graphic designer. We received responses from as far away as Argentina, Egypt and Europe, as well as throughout the U.S. From a pool of good applicants, we decided upon a well-qualified designer from a neighboring state with an impressive advertising agency pedigree. Wichita NationJob works...and works well!"

Hutchinson Technology, Marcia Peeso: "Good news! We have hired a person received from the NationJob site...for an Analytical Technician position."

Inacom, Carrie Henry: "We completed an extensive comparison of the major Internet job-listing services and chose NationJob NationJob offers several value-added services that are included in the price of a corporate package. NationJob allows you, the customer, to decide how you would like your account handled. Every week they update our web site for us. It's easy! We are renewing our contract with NationJob because of the results and service that we are receiving."

Insoftis, James Hynes, Chairman: "We placed an ad for a President - CEO and had exceptional resumes, many more good ones than we expected."

Joseph Consulting, Inc., Lisa Schweitzer: "Please remove our ad for the Information Services Manager. We have been on your service for less than a week and the response has been overwhelming. We already have several qualified applicants to present to our client. Thanks for the great job!"

Kay Concepts, Inc., Heidi Kay, CPC: "I am a sole proprietor technical-executive recruiter in the high-tech business. I have the "5 new posting a month" package and am very happy with it. I have probably made 10 placements as a direct result of my NationJob service. I like the fact that I don't have to constantly re post my stock post ions - they stay up until I take them down. I am most appreciative of NationJob Network's customer service, especially their personal touch. Most Internet vendors keep you at a long arm's length and don't want to talk to you on the phone. NationJob works with me like I am their most important customer. They helped me create a custom jobs page viewable as a frame through my home page. With the PJ scout product that they offer their candidates I am getting a variety of applicants, not just the ones who have posted their resumes on all the other candidate banks. I recommend them highly."

KimWeb, Inc., Kim Morton: I just wanted to write a thank you to and for your assistance in helping a client of mine fill a job position. In October I posted two positions, one for graphic artist and the other for web designer for my client, P. Allen Smith Gardens. One of the two positions was filled within one month by an applicant who said he saw the listing on I am sure I will use your service again."

Lighthouse Technologies, Inc., Sarah Bauer, Human Resources: "I'm attaching four job descriptions that we would like to have posted as soon as possible, as their deadlines are rapidly approaching. Jeff would like to know when you think you might be able to get to them. On behalf of the both of us we wanted to say thanks for your help now, and in the past. I'm especially grateful as Jeff's ability to hire me was directly related to the success we have had in the growth of Lighthouse Technologies, Inc. due to the job posting at So, thank you!"

Lorenz + Williams Incorporated, Alan J. Moody, AIA, Principal, Director of Technology: "This e-mail is to notify you that the position of Systems Support Technician, at Lorenz + Williams Incorporated, has been filled. Please remove this job listing from your web site. Thank you for your assistance in securing countless resumes."

Manpower Technical, Dave Nelson: "We had an assignment to find a COBOL Programmer on an HP3000 to work in Kansas City. We tried Kansas City, Wichita, and Tulsa with no luck. Within a couple of days after we put a listing on NationJob, we had a call from a programmer with over twenty years COBOL experience from San Francisco, and made the placement in short order."

Maverick Transportation, Inc., Sam Car: "Hey! I just wanted to let you guys know that we filled our position with your help! We were looking for a AS400 Technical Specialist and had run ads in paper and job boards for local candidates but none were a fit. I then put it on your site and within days had the perfect one in Iowa that found it through You are the Best! Thanks!"

Megaforce, Ryan MacDonald: "We recently started to use NationJob to compare their service with some of the other services out there that have similar features. NationJob has increased our web traffic like no other service that we have used in the past. NationJob Network simply blows away the competition, and their customer service is very attentive and considerate. Ed Linebach is simply the best!"

Norstan Consulting, Linda Kirby: "Just a note to let you know how happy we are with our successful postings on NationJob In the past year we have hired four Information Technology Consultants as a result of the candidate learning about our company from NationJob Of all the many, many services out there....NationJob's customer service, flexibility and results will keep Norstan Consulting as client."

Northrop Grumman PRB Systems, Sandi Hauenstein: "Thanks for your quick attention to all of our requests! I wanted to thank you for the information below and to let you know that we have decided to renew our sponsorship with you for 2002. We are in the process of issuing a check to pay in full. We hired 25 new employees in 2001."

PepsiCo, Inc., Kristin Snyder: "We have recruiters all over the country looking for CPAs, but through NationJob we found one right here locally and landed her right away! NationJob has also been great for customer service and I.T. Positions, and we're recommending it to other PepsiCo locations.", Pat Calvert: "NationJob is a key part of our recruiting strategy. It is one of the places we have to advertise to bring in the kind of employees we require."

Robert Half, Greg Thomas: "Our information systems candidate flow has greatly increased due to NationJob advertising. Are we confident in the value? Let me put it this way: we recommended it to two other RH offices."

Sensoray, Bill Tanner: "We hired an imaging software engineer, and also interviewed some quality candidates for marketing and power electronics engineering positions."

Skil/Bosch Power Tool Co., Pete Mechales: "I received 2 hires out of numerous responses in 2000/2001, one Project Leader and one IT Manager. Considering the cost of a Tribune ad, at $2,500 average, it's paid for itself and more hires are anticipated."

Sony Technology Center, Lee Ann Cooper: "We had a need for software engineers, field application engineers, a product planning coordinator and senior business planning specialist. Through NationJob we filled several positions and built a solid candidate pool for the future!"

Spectra Logic Corp., Troy Bettinger, Chief Talent Scout: "In 6 months, we've hired three great people who found us on the NationJob/Boulder Chamber web site. One was a hard-to-find engineer, one in sales, and the last is a web graphic artist. Plus, our account rep Stephanie does a great job keeping our page fresh. This is an easy way to get broad exposure."

Sytex, Inc., Mike Pettitt: "We are bidding with a "prime contractor" partner on a Federal/DoD contract. One of positions we had to fill was for the Program Manager position. The Prime was having difficulty locating a qualified candidate, so they asked us to assist in the search, so we posted the "Govt Financial Analyst" announcement on NationJob To date we have received several excellent candidates from the listing, one of whom had exactly the type of education and experience we wanted for our Program Manager. We contacted him the day we received his resume, and after discussions passed his resume and our recommendation to the Prime. The Prime hired him as the PM less than one week later."

Utica First Insurance Company, Nancy Bangs: "We placed an Information Systems Position on NationJob for the 30 day period and received 80 resumes. We are happy with the service and will certainly use again."

Volkswagen of America, Stephen Stephens: "For one position of Project Leader in our Information Technology Group, the cost avoidance (from using NationJob) was approximately $15,000."

Diane Collins: "Thanks for the help, PJ! With your simple system, I was able to hunt for the perfect job without hindrance of the time constraints of searching the classifieds or the insanity of head hunter services. The position that I got is with a Fortune 500 company that cares about its employees and offer On the job training. I start Nov. 20 as an Associate Program Manager for Tech Data in Clearwater, Florida."

Heather Combe: "My new job title is Channel Support Representative for Navision Software in Norcross, GA. I was living in Marietta, GA Job when I saw a job posted for an order administrator, but they saw something in me and on my resume that fit a different position better. That was a benefit for me in that the CSR position pays more. This is only my first week, but so far all is going well. I'm learning a lot."

Chane Downs: "Gateway 2000 hired me to be a general technician at their North Sioux City plant. The job was never listed in the local paper, so without P.J. Scout I never would have even known about it. Thank you so much for developing such a helpful service."

Brian Dutcher: "I was living in New Mexico and PJ found me the perfect job in Iowa with Iowa Select Farms as a Computer Support Tech. Great Job P.J.!"

Cheryl Ellis: "I found a new job with your help and just wanted to tell you that I think your service is truly wonderful. I have told several friends about you and showed them how to get started. My new position is a Computer Operator and Iowa State University in Ames, IA and I start with them in just a few weeks. Thanks you so much for your help and I'll be sure to mention you again to people I know who are in the new-job-market!"

Richard Gerdel: "My new job is with Cessna Aircraft in Wichita as a Programmer/Analyst. I think you have a fantastic service and recommend it highly to my friends."

Sylvia L. Horney: "Success! Today I started my new job as an assistant manager, programming at T.V. Guide in Tulsa, OK, thanks to a "search" e-mail I received from your last month. Thank you so much for keeping touch with me! I've recommended your site to several co-workers (at my old job!)."

Patrick Jay Judy: "Thank you! After a long period of searching from my home in Adrian, Michigan, it was an ad placed for Elder-Beerman in Dayton, Ohio that was the lucky match for me. After reading the job description in one of the update batches, I applied for an entry level position as a Programmer/Analyst. I had the interview and things went well. A week later I was offered the job, and I owe my first break in the computer industry to your job posting service! I will be sure to recommend your service to all my friends!"

Dan Kotar: "When I first signed up with you we were living in Montana. Within three weeks you had an ad for a computer operator at Appleton Papers in Appleton, Wisconsin. She had her final interview after we arrived, and a week and a half later got the job. Thanks again."

Ed Newhouse: "After receiving an Associate's Degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering, I spent nearly two years searching, mostly on my own, for the perfect job. Your service let me know that there really was someone in my corner and gave me the encouragement and resources I needed to find that perfect position. I am now an Academic Computing Technician for Cornell College, one of two technicians who support over 400 end-users on a variety of platforms. Thank you again for all of your help!"

Nanette Thacker: "Thank you so much for your service. I found a job at Wichita State University as a Web Site Developer in the university computing department. The ability to narrow the search and sort on so many criteria is great. This is a two year project, so I'll be back in two years!"

Josh Weiser: "I got on as a computer operator at the Wichita Clinic in December. I got the ad/opening in Nov and sent my resume and started Dec. 15th. Your service is great!"

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