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Common Questions

For Employers:

What types of job seekers visit the NationJob Network web sites?
NationJob is one of the oldest and most-visited Internet recruitment sites. We’ve been recognized as a leader in the industry by both HR professionals and job seekers, because we provide a no-nonsense board that delivers results at both ends of the recruiting spectrum. Job seekers that use our sites come from multiple industries, professions, ethnicities and demographics. Since NationJob posts positions ranging from entry-level clerical and customer service all the way to executive management, our network of sites attracts literally every type of job seeker.

How do I post my job(s)?
One of the most unique of our many value-added services is that we do all of the work for you. All job listing input is handled by NationJob’s professional staff, thus eliminating much of your clerical workload. Simply submit job listings to us, in any legible format, via fax, e-mail, postal delivery, etc. If your job volume is large, we may also be able to establish an import of data into our system.

Do my jobs have to be presented in any special format?
Job listings can be submitted to us in any legible format, including your internal job descriptions, formats from other Internet listing services, and even partial job descriptions (which we will fit into a standardized listing template).

How will job seekers find my job?
Job seekers have several ways to find your job ad. They can search by keywords or job category (see Specialty Sites, below), city/state, experience level, company type, or any combination of these criteria.

What are Specialty Sites?
These are industry-specific web sites designed to reach job seekers who (A) are accessing directories that list sites by job category, or (B) are using search engines with keywords relating to specific career fields. All jobs posted on NationJob are automatically cross-posted to all appropriate Specialty Sites.

Can I post a job ad in multiple locations instead of in one specific city?
The easiest way to answer this is to provide a couple of examples. Let’s say you have the same position available in three cities within your state. We can code the job ad so that it will appear in searches for jobs anywhere within your state, which will be considered one posting used. However, if you want the job ad to appear in searches for jobs within these three specific cities, you will have used three postings. If you have the same position available in two states, that would be considered a minimum of two postings used (depending, again, upon whether you wanted the postings to appear in specific city searches within these two states). If you need to expand your search beyond a couple of states, we have nationwide and global posting options that may be more cost-effective for you.

How do you treat jobs that would fit into multiple job categories?
This is a major benefit of using NationJob Network compared to many competing job boards. The majority of job postings could be classified into more than one job category. For example, an executive sales position could be considered as both a sales job and an executive position. Unlike our competition, NationJob does not charge extra for jobs that fit into multiple categories. We will code your job listings to all appropriate categories.

Can I edit a job ad after it is posted?
You can make minor changes (i.e., correction of a spelling error, adding/deleting a category, etc.) after a job has been posted. Beyond this, a job cannot be edited once it has been posted.

What is P.J. Scout?
This is a free service used by job seekers to receive notification of job postings via e-mail. All jobs posted on NationJob are automatically submitted to P.J. Scout. This means that a job seeker doesn’t have to actively look for your job. If it matches the job seeker’s criteria, he/she will automatically be notified that your job has been posted.

What is Custom P.J. Scout?
This is a service for both job seekers and employers. It allows job seekers to receive e-mail notification whenever a specific employer posts jobs, and it allows the employer to automatically reach job seekers any time a job opening becomes available simply by posting the job on NationJob.

How will I receive job seeker resumes?
You may specify the manner in which job seekers respond to your job listings. This means you can choose the method that works best for you: via mail, fax, e-mail, filling out your on-line application, etc. Our e-mail system includes spam blocking technology that both hides your e-mail address and prevents almost 100% of non-resume e-mails from coming through.

What is a Custom Jobs Page?
A Custom Jobs Page lists all of an employer’s jobs along with a link to a company profile, and can function as the employment section of a corporate web site. It has the added advantage of allowing job seekers the opportunity to search the job listings for a specific employer, and to sign up to receive e-mail notification of future job openings listed by that company (see Custom P.J. Scout, above).


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