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Get help finding the right job, and using PJ Scout to help you find it.  Always remember to login to PJ Scout to update your profile and custom job searches.  You can view all your job searches right there by logging in anytime day or night. 

Here's a list of all our Frequently Asked Questions on one convenient page. You can go straight to the answer you're looking for by clicking on the question at the top of the page, or you can use the "Find" function of your browser to search it by looking for keywords.


Can PJ Scout really help me find a job?

You bet! Every day we hear from people who've found jobs using PJ Scout. You can read some of their stories at Job Seeker Testimonials.  All you have to do is Sign Up (100% Free and 100% Private), and enter your job search criteria.  Select industries and communities you are interested in, and view all the jobs that match your criteria right there at PJ Scout, and get emails sent to you directly from PJ with the newest job matches.  Just click on the links for details, and then apply online for jobs you are interested in.

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How does PJ Scout work?

When you sign up for PJ Scout you have the opportunity to select various search criteria to define what type of job you're looking for and where you'd like it to be. Now, PJ can start hunting for you. Every week (you select the day of the week, or choose to receive new jobs daily), PJ will send you an email listing of all the new jobs he's found that match your search criteria. You can also log into your personal account anytime at see your current job listings or all the listings we have on file for you.

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How do I sign up for PJ Scout?

In order to use our free, automated PJ Scout (Personal Job Scout) service, just visit and follow a few easy steps:

  1. Enter the email address where you wish job listings to be sent.
  2. Enter a privacy word (so no one can else can change your information).
  3. Make menu selections including industries and communities that correspond to the types of positions you are seeking.
  4. Add optional keywords to narrow your search even further.

First, PJ will show you a list of all of the known openings that match your choices. He will also start keeping an eye out for any new listing you might be interested in, and he will automatically email you any new job openings that match your choices.

When you find a listing that interests you, you can contact the employer directly, as described in the individual job listing.

Click here to sign up for PJ Scout

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Will it cost me anything to use PJ Scout?

PJ Scout is 100% free for job seekers. You will not be charged to use it.  Your information is private, and PJ is happy to assist you in your job search at no cost.

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Can I have more than one PJ Scout account?

Yes! You can have several custom job searches at the same email address, or sign up with separate email addresses for even more control over your job matches.

This can be quite handy for a couple reasons. If several people are sharing an email account, they can all have their own PJ Scout accounts. If you forget your privacy word, you can request it be to resent to your email account by clicking on Forgot Password? at

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I don't have an email account. Can I still use PJ Scout?

Sure, as long as you have access to the web, PJ can help you out. You can get a free email account from these reputable providers:
MSN Hotmail
Yahoo! Mail

Once you've got that email address, use it when you sign up for your PJ Scout account. You can then go to the same address to check for email from PJ, or from anyone else wants to talk to you!
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How do I log into my PJ Scout account?

To log into your account:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your registered email address in the first line.
  3. In the second line, enter your privacy word. Please note that privacy words are case sensitive so any capital letters in your privacy word need to be capitalized when you enter it. If you've forgotten your privacy word, you can have it emailed to you.  Go to for details.

After you've logged into your account you may want to bookmark that page in your browser. Using this, you can return to your account, already logged in, just by using the bookmark.

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PJ sent me email and the links don't work. What can I do?

Login to PJ Scout and change your settings to text only, or contact us if there are issues that may not be working correctly.  Also try adding PJ Scout to your address book or whitelist to ensure successful delivery to your inbox.  If the links in your email job list aren't working you can access them by copying and pasting them directly to your browser. Alternately, you can follow them by logging into your personal account at

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I've accidentally deleted the email PJ sent me. Can he resend it?

I'm sorry but PJ's unable to resend your job listings. However, you can view the current list of jobs matching your search criteria at any time by logging into your personal account at  He will of course send you the next job matches, and always encourages you to update your job search.

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PJ doesn't recognize me anymore. I think I've forgotten my privacy word. How can I get a new one?

If you don't remember your privacy word, don't worry--you can have it sent to you by visiting:

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The jobs PJ is finding for me aren't quite what I'm looking for. How can I sharpen the aim of my search?

Trying to break a high-spirited set of search criteria with a mind of its own? That's a tough job for any wrangler! I can't tell you what to choose as your job criteria, but I can offer a few tips:

When you select items from any particular category, you eliminate all the other options; if you select nothing in a category, then nothing in that category will be eliminated. If you are interested in an internship, I suggest that you go to and select "Company Directory" (in Job Search area), then select the companies that interest you and contact them about internships directly.

Key words work the same way in terms of refining and restricting your search. If you choose no key words, then no job listings will be eliminated from the categories you choose. You can test your key words: go to, and in the "Job Search", try two searches, one with key words and another without.

Testing your search criteria can help. Go on in and do some different job searches and see what kind of results you get with all the listings we currently have. The ratio of new jobs listed to old jobs listed is about 1 to 6. Of course we can't guarantee what you will get every week, but this should give you some idea of what to expect.

If you've read this explanation of search criteria carefully, have examined your set of criteria and are still stumped, then let us know and we'll take a look at your search criteria for you.

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How to make that shootin' iron hit the bullseye: tips on advanced keyword searching.

You may use keywords in conjunction with your menu choices to narrow your search further.

Be careful! The keywords you type in can be matched only to the same exact word (or part of a longer word) in the text. If there are synonyms for the word you want, make sure you include them too.

To have the system narrow your search to jobs that contain any of the words you list, use "or" between the words (note: "or" is the default if no logical connectors are used).

Example: "manager or supervisor" will return only jobs that contain
one of those two words in the text.

To have the system narrow your search to jobs that contain all of the words you list, use "and" between the words.

Example: "department and manager" will return only jobs that contain
both of these words in the text.

To eliminate jobs that have a certain word in them, use "not" before that word.

Example: "not secretary" will return only jobs that do not have the
word "secretary" in them.

Example: "administrative and not secretary" will return only jobs
that have the word "administrative" and do not have the word "secretary"
in them.

You may use combinations of types of boolean searches. Use parentheses to indicate which terms are related by which connectors.

Example: "(department and supervisor) or (department and
manager)" will return jobs that have either "department supervisor" or
"department manager" in them.

Example: "department and (supervisor or manager)" will
also return jobs that have either "department supervisor" or "department
manager" in them.

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Why do I sometimes get jobs in my listings that don't seem to match my search criteria?

Sometimes PJ Scout will generate results that appear to not match any criteria you specified. The reason is that sometimes a particular job listing is keyed in the system to more than one category, so it ends up being selected. The system will err on the side of extraneous listings rather than too few. If you really don't want to see those extraneous listings, though, you can restrict your search by using key words. However, as listings which match your employment and geographic preferences come up, they will definitely be mailed to you.

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I've found my job. How do I let PJ know he can stop sending me email?

First, let us try to talk you out of it:

  • If you've found a new job, wouldn't it still be useful to keep up to date on what's out there?
  • If we're not sending you any openings (or we're sending you the wrong ones), click here to read about solving problems involving no matches or bad matches.

Secondly, if you found a job through PJ, we'd like to hear about it! Please email us at and let us know the following:

  1. Your name.
  2. Where you were living when you found out about the job.
  3. Your new job title.
  4. The name and location of the company you'll be working for.
  5. Anything else you'd like to tell us about the PJ Scout service.

If you have not found your new job through PJ, follow these instructions:

To close your PJ Scout Account, do the following:

  1. Log into your PJ Scout Account at by filling in your email address/account number and privacy word.
  2. After you login successfully, please choose the "Delete Account" option that is located after your criteria. Your account will be deleted shortly after you fill out this form.

Note: Because PJ Scout sends out weekly updates, depending on the time you request your account to be closed, you may receive one more update in your email. Please just ignore this "last" update. You should not receive any more updates after this point.

If you encounter any problems when closing your account please let us know by sending us email at: Please be sure to include the email address you registered with.

Thanks, pardner, and happy trails!

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Some of these jobs look interesting! How do I apply for them?

Each job listing in your weekly PJ Scout email has a link to a full job description. In the job description you'll find contact information and instructions on how to apply for that job.

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Is PJ on a cold trail or are the jobs he's telling me about still open?

As NationJob listings are updated each week, the listings represent only jobs that employers have listed as currently available. Most of our clients are very good about updating each week. Some listings may run for many months, but these are generally for positions where multiple hires will take place.

If you register for our free PJ Scout service at we will automatically send you a listing every week of any new jobs that match your preferences, and you'll know the jobs you're seeing were just listed that week.

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