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Industry Job Network


Industry Job Network

Industry-Focused Web Sites, Applications & Resources for Targeted Results

Most job seekers have a particular job or field in mind. We make it easy for job seekers to find jobs that match their specific interests and experience. Our Industry Job Network has expanded over the years, and continues to be a primary resource for both employers and job seekers in nearly every major industry.


Reaching Both Active and Passive Industry Professionals
Attracting, recruiting and retaining the top professionals in the Industry can be difficult without a targeted approach that reaches both active and passive job seekers. Many of the industry’s best candidates already have jobs with other employers, which make the convenience, flexibility, and most importantly, the privacy of our email-based job listing service attractive to passive job seekers. Active job seekers can turn to our extensive job search within their specific field, and apply for many jobs with ease. PJ Scout Select™ also allows job seekers to add their profile for employers to search and review for current and upcoming job opportunities.

Job seekers are search experts, and for those looking to advance their career, they knowingly focus their search within specific industries, within specific communities, and for specific employers. Job seekers are guaranteed to find updated listings through NationJob, without having to look through unrelated job listings. Millions of jobs have been listed through NationJob, spanning nearly every major industry, with great success due to our industry experience and targeted marketing efforts. Our vast network integrates listings with Community, Industry, and Employer web sites, and is backed by our nationwide advertising, marketing & promotional programs.

Matching Quality Jobs with Quality Candidates
Finding the best candidates for the job is priority number one. We know the true value of people in any business or organization, and our Industry Job Network helps employers find candidates with industry experience and a particular interest in that field. By specializing in specific industries, providing advanced search capabilities, and offering the convenience of email updates for new job listings, NationJob continues to expand our services and solutions geared toward industry-focused careers.

Our goal is to help employers attract as many qualified, high-quality candidates to choose from for each job opportunity you list with NationJob. We provide the tools, resources, service, support and applicant tracking to simplify the process, and allow you to focus on who to hire. Our Industry Job Network also streamlines the process for job seekers to easily and automatically filter through job opportunities in their industry, and be notified via email of any new listings that meet their specific interests and experience.

Industry-Specific Recruiters & Partnerships
We offer Employer Resources and Job Seeker Resources specific to each major Industry, and have developed partnerships with recognized leaders of those industries to provide a tailored experience for our specialized job seekers and employers. We also work with some of the top recruiting firms in the nation in order to offer a larger number of jobs within specialized industries.

The methods of searching and applying for jobs has changed dramatically over the years, and new technologies for listing and searching for jobs now allow for a much more focused approach to finding jobs and recruiting candidates. NationJob simplifies the process for employers and job seekers alike, while offering one of the most customized and personalized solutions in the nation. We are always working to stay ahead of the market, developing new relationships with industry employers & organizations, and offering tools, resources and successful solutions for employers and job seekers within our Industry Job Network.

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